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Honda Astrea Prima, Prima Also Can Drill

Honda Astrea Prima, Prima Also Can Drill

Generally, the flow of street modifications cub has relied basic grip until generation Honda C70 moped Honda Astrea Star. Because the front suspension had to rely on the conventional model alias link.

This baseball grip force for Aaron Tobias duck owner Honda Astrea Prima alerts 1989. Desperate to make a stylish street cub although telescopic front suspension adheres to the model.

The story started when Aaron saw one selling Honda Astrea Prima alerts Ciledug 1989 in Region, Tangerang near his home. Without thinking, motorpun try to groom. After haggling that baseball takes a long time, the motor finally changed hands.

After several days of having this bike, Aaron bondol not intend to make the Honda's legendary duck. But when he saw the bike parts were scattered at her home, the intention was to spontaneously emerge.

"After how many days in the house, why not this too contrived street motorcycle cub. Yet the machine is good, so baseball was fussy CDI," said Aaron, who is also a hobby ngetrick fixie bikes.

He .. he ... You little trick, which is also used handlebars fixie bike copotan former bar kind of trick. No lag, stem alias 'stork' innate bike is also attached.

"Nothing ever pengelesan or cut, stemnya stay clipped in the neck handlebars. On the other stay off and plug it in," said Aaron explains that in this baseball bike parts that were cut.

Furthermore, removing part of the front-rear fender just standard bolts are tightened. In the legs are also not a lot of difference. Rims are innate motor ring 17 inch tires stuffed IRC GP1 3.00x17 type. In this section, comparable size front and back. As the concept of foot bobber. Ban is also out of the grip street tracker cub because it refers to the design.

Standard left aft engine because the engine innards still considered healthy. To maximize gas bursts, carburetor Honda Absolute Revo measuring 17 mm a mainstay. Do not forget the exhaust is eye catching custom freeflow through scrambler models.

On the body, this dreadlocked man should be proud of the original paint still intact. Likewise the front sokbreker back, still let standards.

But, all original lamps are kept neatly in the closet. Instead, use the light variations as headlights and turn signal. "Not bad for a vehicle daily to the office," said the man who also graphic design in one of the automotive media in Jakarta.

Okay drill ... (
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