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2013 Cheap Honda Motor Verza 150

2013 Cheap Honda Motor Verza 150 , Type of Motor Sports Cheap

Honda Verza 150 mantap untuk bermanuver
Opportunities are not wasted, when Honda offered OTOSIA Verza 150 as a ride event turing Automotive Journalists Forum (Forwot). Turing to-9 Forwot this time with the goal of a villa in tourist areas Curug Cilember, Jogjogan, Cisarua, West Java.

When you first occupy Honda Verza figure, the type of motor sports cheap version of Astra Honda Motor is, simply makes us feel proud and strong. Especially when the ignition starts playing and the engine started, the sound characteristics of motor sport began blaring.

Turing trip once tried motor performance with engine capacity of 150 cc SOHC PGM-FI starts from Cipete, South Jakarta, where Forwot headquartered. Engine performance began to be felt while driving along a straight track at the TB. Simatupang. Occasionally we see the speedometer pointing to the 90-100. We could not exceed that number, because it is in the group.

Finished feel Verza on straight tracks, time to feel empuknya sokbreker conventional double-diamond steel supporting framework. Bad roads, potholes and puddles of water contained in the Babakan Madang, Sentul, we never felt thanks to both sokbreker the maximum performance.

We had to prove the character of a diamond steel frame and injection 150 cc engine with torque at low rpm ideally. Maneuver Verza more stable when asked to bulldoze a few twists in the Bukit Pelangi and Mount Geulis, Bogor. With a slimmer body than the New Mega Pro, Verza still provide driving pleasure.

Entering Peak highway, Cipayung, queues of vehicles began to appear. Understandably, weekend, holiday Jakarta time residents out of the city. In an atmosphere of jam, again Versa able invited to dance in between jams. Versa balance shows that qualified as 'bent' left or right, Versa remained adherents.

Verza conventional framework is the development of the motorcycle is making steady Versa to maneuver in corners and in traffic jams. Reaction Verza also better than the New Mega Pro. Since the power obtained at low rpm, the motor was smooth.

During the trip, the indicator has a digital fuel showed no decrease in fuel consumption. Thus, we estimate that injection technology applied to the engine Verza can deliver fuel consumption efficiency.

Not felt, traveling troupe touring Forwot ended up in a small villa owned by Kang Abay in Curug Cilember, Jogjogan. So the end was riding with Honda's PGM-FI Verza 150. In essence, we get satisfaction with performance and maneuverability offered Honda Verza.
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