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Cheap sport bike, Honda Verza 150 immediately released

Cheap sport bike, Honda Verza 150 immediately released

Motor sport murah, Honda Verza 150 segera dirilis!Astra Honda Motor (AHM) will return to make a breakthrough with the launch of a new sports variant earlier this year. Reportedly also in some local media, Honda plans Verza AHM 150 ready to launch fastest weekend was submitted directly by the President Director AHM Yusuke Hori.

Honda Verza 150, previously has been much discussed by the news media, will meet the desires of the consumers of motor sport country. Judging from the appearance of the less some photos too obvious, mid-engine sports have little in common with the previous variants like new Honda and Honda Megapro CB150R.

Honda Verza 150Honda design headlights adopt a tapered CB150R Streetfire, but Versa has a slightly smaller size. Some speedometer panel Versa 150 has the latest features with the design of digital and analog indicators. Meanwhile, another similarity with the CB150 R Verza 150 PGM-FI technology (Programmed Fuel Injection).

Medium similarity to the new Honda Megapro one model of the engine block. The difference Verza not equipped with rear disc brakes (drum system). Other things like the rear suspension still uses the model of double shock suspension.

Motor is expected to be sold at a price ranging from Rp16-18 million. Given Verza 150 is still a notch below the new Honda Megapro.
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