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Honda Formula F1

Honda Astrea Star, Modif Honda Astrea Star

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Honda Astrea Star, Modif Honda Astrea Star

In the minds of Suryo 'Ones' Hananto Seno lelaku custom mixed with artistic taste especially urban art. 

Yep, in addition to active members doi life-MMC Outsiders Jakarta, he also fronted the bomber community in Substation House-Artcoholic Jakarta.

Their activities baseball away from the art world, drawing public area become more beautiful, not wild graffiti. 

"Desire is also strong in the art of riding it," open Ones.

Astrea Star standard form is gone. Ones as a drafter, submitting work to a team that fronted Awiwiw Shop Yami alias Chicken. All overhauled motor body.

"The back is made through the choice of approaching the café racer seat single seater," added chicken pick hardtail construction behind the tire that actually meeting with the tail.

Usually targeted custom duck ala choppy cub without change rake angle. 

"This time is different, there are nuances to drag-bike café racer," said Ones. 

Rake is approaching x-treem check to reach the handlebars more to come. The position of the rider's body like a drag bike.
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