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Modif Honda CB 125 SS, 1967 Honda Classic

Modif Honda CB 125 SS, 1967 Honda Classic

A classic Honda motorcycles seemed to be excellent at this time. Most definitely have old bike lovers. It also owned Heret Frasthio. 

He's got a Honda CB 125 SS with the initial condition is not too severe. "Modification of café racer better suited to this bike," said Heret.

It was not until he was hunting supplies parts to be used. Little contact with obstacles, he was confused by detailing the body to be used. 

The story behind the motorcycle modification is also quite unique. "This is my birthday present from my wife," said Heret. Weits, romantic ya .

Make overall body design, assisted Heret Yusuf Abdul Jamil alias Ucup of Lawless Jakarta. "Bodi own plate I order directly to Gandul 2Wheels Custom (G2C)," explained Ucup. G2C is led by Ward agreed Ucup classic design desired.

Lawless claim as a whole is concerned about pristine detail. So finishing touch displayed on CB125 Twin is pretty good. Starting from the tail of a typical wasp flow café racer, up front body made minimal aerodynamic curves bygone era.

Front of the body is made of steel plate is also adjustable motor dimensions. Ucup the body is also the designer explains, if the binder holder front fairing body should be considered. 

"I miscalculated the turning radius could interfere with the handlebars, or holder stuck to the back of the machine," said Ucup based on Jl. Kemang Selatan 8, no. 67K, South Jakarta.

Let seem mild and do not overload the motor, fairing is made from 0.8 mm thick steel plate. Then, in order to also allow standard. "Unfortunately if cut," chortled Ucup small snickered.

Aside from the motor, vintage racing look at this bike could be more pronounced when did riding. 

Driving position slightly to the rear plus the position of the head is also slightly bowed, like a racing era of the '60s. 

Positions further back due to the use of tank Honda Dream which is a longer form.

The other part that needs to be re dicustom, just exhaust and footstep. Two exhaust located on the left and right dicustom to produce a booming sound. Plus homemade footstep that makes the knees slightly bent like a racer.

Create a final touch, the body come whitewash silver and bearing the number 13. While the frame, whitewashed red color. "Number 13, the wife. Because according to my date of birth, 'said Heret.
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