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Modif Honda Tiger 2001, Honda Tiger The Contractor

Modif Honda Tiger 2001, Honda Tiger The Contractor

Thus the act of the bikers, and the way his lifestyle 'eccentric'. As a repurposed Sodikin Honda Tiger pride with model 'stump' as a consolation sense of missed. Understandably, doi daily life living as a contractor who sometimes works nomadic location alias move.

"Sometimes working through out the island of Java, and this bike as one cause I used to come home," said the man who likes to wear hats.

Even when the work is assisted by Ronny Sodikin the modifier once his friend. But, doi baseball would 'accept something wrong'. "That for me was the artistic bike modify the work, and if that's what makes the spirit of home," says a man who was also a family member's Minor Fighter.

The process initially, Sodikin which makes the concept of a reference model and the desired shape. Once drafted, the skipper Ronny Ronny Modificator executes. Phase initially by cutting the rear frame to the tank holder.

After that, re-order constrained using a thick steel seamless integrated 1.8 mm galvanized plate thickness of 0.8 mm is used for the seat upholstery.

So that the motor looks fat, the original tank with material wrapped condom from a thick metal plate 0.4 mm. Dibalur black tank with a combination of airbrush flames motif'll look fierce look.

By cutting the rear frame motor concepts stump has been felt. But, let the motor looks dashing selected legs from moge waste. For selected rear mono arm owned Triumph Daytona 955i. At the time of purchase was a package swinging arm with monoshock sokbreker the application model.

Well, installation is different monoshock with others. To be comfortable when the bike snobs are invited turing rear seat down position somewhat contrived. So if it is seen it looks not too 'nungging'. "To be down, holder made from 5 mm steel plate was kept slightly downward position," said Ronny a workshop on Jl. Utan Long III No. 37, Cage Goat, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta.

Finished on the hind legs, change propagates forward. Front tomorrow also rely waste belonging moge Suzuki GSX-R750 model upside down.

With the zoom is now making Sodikin more often wanted to go home. Homesick.
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