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Modification Design Honda CB150R

Modification Design Honda CB150R

At least, this could MOTOR Plus and a few modifiers offer for my friend who attracted duo's latest sports two giant motor manufacturer in the country. Yes, Honda CB150R Streetfire with Yamaha V-Ixion Lightning. Called V-Ixion King because quite mastered middle market 150 cc sports class. Modification Design Honda CB150R So, it may also CB150R could fight for the title King of competing with the V-Ixion .

Bids design ideas modifications made some modifier and also airbrusher famous in the country. Namely Johny Lipurnomo from Custom World, Santoso 'Yayank' Gunawan of 909 Hot Matic, aka Justin Erwan Santoso Iyoes of Insan Motor, Jaedun Muktar from JJ Airbrush and Airbrush Tomi Tomi Gunawan.

Who knows, treats presented design can be a reference for the buddy modif redeem one of these races. Interestingly, almost all the designs offered was seemingly run of the stretcher racing genre that streetfighter concept. Except, V-Ixion design of the berfairing Iyoes Please ogled ya! (

When offered to make modif design concept, Johny very enthusiastic. Especially, for design CB150R. 

"There is still much to play for CB150R. Especially in the legs. 

Unfortunately the bike design is good but the legs look skinny, "a friendly man with glasses that. The result, as my friend see above.

The concept of the legs for this CB150R, carrying a model pro arm for the rear. 

In accordance with the desire, then the choice of used tires wide enough for the rim accompany crossbar 10 which carried. 

So is upside down from Ohlins front stretcher. 

The rest, can play piercings variations to the concept more prominent. For example, frame sliders or engine gurad bath clutch.

MATIC HOT 909 - CB150R
The concept of modern streetfighter try to offer Yayank made in this CB150R. 

Besides carrying the single seater, rear crammed for a single leg as alias pro arm of Honda CB1000.

Fatbar style applications handlebars, fit front upiside down.

"But, tubular chassis is maintained so as not to deprive them of their CB150R," said modifier was friendly.

MATIC HOT 909 - V-Ixion
Yayank presenting the concept of the modern café racer with V-Ixion Lightning. Upside down front combined with handlebar clamp models.

But, for the hind legs, apply Yayank tubular swing arm. Exhaust was trying to be installed under the seat. 

Use undercowl spoiler under the engine used to be more contained and balanced engine with the body on.

Tom tried to offer the concept of a simple graphic style Repsol Honda. 

So according to him, this design could be used to modify individual manufacturer or modifier. 

"Because the concepts leads to a sporty but still stylish manufacturer," told you. But, look at the chassis design, quite radical ya! Alloy deltbox and trellises.

Create a New V-Ixion design, Tomi try not to run away from the Yamaha concept that always refers to the high-tech and Sporty.

For the graphic itself, Tomi also refers to the graphics so graphics pride fork manufacturer's logo. 

Thus, the body design and graphics support each other. 

Moreover, the exhaust is Baian under the rear chassis.

Through CB150R, Jeje aka Jaedun trying to lift that carries the symbol of Honda's single wing logo. 

This logo combined graphics and colors are cheerful. 

Yes, use blue, white and red as the dominant wrapped around the body. 

Moreover, aka frame chassis also have given the color red.

The graphics are the hallmark of Yamaha with plaid motif try again developed by Jeje. 

So that the impression is not too classic, but more modern graphics combined after-sharp graphics. 

The choice of colors, Jeje try to play a mixture of orange and white color which is also combined with a pattern of black carbon. 

Tail, single seater ditemai style swing arm with his boss section stabilizer concept.

Ducati Panigale Streetfighter to be a reference modif Iyoes develop designs for CB150R. This design is also combined with the concept of the Ducati Monster. 

Thus, trellis chassis retained. Let seem more muscular, pro arm come discharging installed. 

So also for the front shock absorbers upside down front stretcher radial models. 

"But, subframe slightly cut," told you.

Still stretcher Ducati Panigale as a reference, but this time use the model fairing for V-Ixion. But, for the headlights, try wearing belongs to Minerva VX150. According to him, these lights can make the cover more sporty. For the hind legs, can carry arm models like Suzuki GSX 600 or Yamaha R6. But ordinary life also pro arm'll appear more luxurious impression. Make the front suspension, would be more leverage if applying shock absorbers radial model upside down.
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