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Modification Honda Vario Techno 2013

Modification Honda Vario Techno 2013

Komarudin, Honda Vario scooter's owner as if to prove. Yeah, prove that a simple modification, simple and minimalist still be eye catching. Proven! For this beloved scooter display even had thought built up an alias import from abroad.

"Most people usually change shape slightly frontal motor. But, I prefer to look quick and unwilling complicated, which essentially want baseball adventurous. Especially when it comes to modifications that should have mature concepts to be able to get taste of ubahannya it, "said Komeng comedians who are not synonymous with 'Uhuuuyy', but cordial greeting from Komarudin.

In this modification times, Komeng still want to maintain a strong aura of the original form Vario. This is done so that does not want complicated in their daily life and who would still carry the safety factor. Because this race is also used as a daily ride anyway.

To view skubeknya modif, assisted Komeng Chank. Doi, colleagues as well as home modifications retainer CM57.

"Pretty simple concept Komeng desired. Just play in some detail parts only. Because the scooter is often used wara-Wiri, so it must be safe as well, "said Chank based on Jl. Ball Field No. Ampera. 27, Ciledug, Cirebon, West Java.

Since the theme of simple, original color Vario not experience change. But, more to the game Chank cutting sticker. To that end, the body then coated sticker Vario hallmark of the White Elephant Affairs scooter or often called the model's Thai look.

Let me contrast, variation is also customizable stickers dominant color of red and black color on the body. "The result was not too crowded especially complicated," the skipper believes Komeng house keys.

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