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2013 Concept Features Honda Vario CW

2013 Concept Features Honda Vario CW

Honda Vario variant Casting Wheel (CW) gets a fresh new twist. 

A touch of new stripe color combinations that make it look more modern by keeping the concept of trendy and stylish.

Side striping model is equipped with dynamic lines that elegantly to provide a wide choice to consumers. 

The concept reflects the character line stripe unisex.

This model is equipped with engine capacity of 110 cc liquid-cooled generating optimal performance with economical fuel consumption. In addition, Honda Vario CW has a light dual keen eyes which gives the impression of luxury as inspired by the world-class motors.
HondaVarioCW 3 460x306 Honda Vario CW Kian Trendi dengan Striping Baru
Luggage capacity on this model is 6 liters able to give comfort and convenience for riders.

AHM also maintain the best security features to be a trendsetter in the scooter segment, like a standard automatic side (side stand switch) where the machine can not be turned on when in the down position and the brake lock function to prevent motorcycle jump when ignited, and the magnetic lock outlet (secure magnetic key shutter).

"We believe the combination of the new colors on the stripe Honda Vario CW will be an attractive choice for consumers in a broader scope, advantages complement the features of this model are proved to have been well received so far," said Marketing Director of PT Astara Honda Motor (AHM) Margono Tanuwijaya.

AHM year optimistic Honda Vario CW will strengthen its penetration in the scooter segment. 

Honda Vario CW this time has a new four-color stripe that Posh White, Blue White Shimmer, Glam Red, and Black Estilo. 

This model is marketed at a price of USD 14.450 million (on the road in Jakarta) with a sales target of 25,000 units per month.

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