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Honda Jazz Modification Honda Blue Future

Honda Jazz Modification Honda Blue Future
Modifikasi Signal Custom Sabet Gelar King of Jazz Tuning ContestModified body kit Honda Jazz, Interior modifications Honda Jazz, Exterior modifications Honda Jazz, Audio modifications Honda Jazz, Engine modifications Honda Jazz and changes to the car body modification Honda Jazz

Honda Jazz belongs Lutfi Billy Rochim stewardship Custom Signal Bandung became the overall winner as well as the title of King of Jazz in the contest modifications to the Honda Jazz Tuning Contest-8 at Central Park Jakarta.

The theme modification 'Future Honda', Billy cars are capable of removing 24 other finalists from Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Makassar, Yogyakarta and Pekalongan.

Honda Jazz 2010 owned by Billy alerts not only get the title of King of Jazz Tuning Contest 8, but also won several categories, namely The Best ODC (Out of The Box, Daring and Creativity), The Best Body Conversion, The Best aspirated engine, The Best Gadgets Implementer, The Best Extreme Body Kit, The Best Extreme Interior Design, and The Best Extreme Overall.

King of Jazz winning the title this year are entitled to a cash prize of Rp. 50 million, while the 1st Runner Up will receive Rp. 40 million and the 2nd Runner Up shall be entitled to Rp. 30 million. In addition, the winners in each category receive a cash prize of Rp. 5,000,000, trophies and plaques.

"Congratulations to the winners and all the participants who have displayed creativity and extraordinary modification, so that from year to year, the Jazz Tuning Contest is always increasing the quality and quantity of participants," said Jonfis Fandy, Marketing and After Sales Service Director of PT. Honda Prospect Motor ( HPM).

In addition to the overall winner category, at the same event will also be announced the winners of 26 categories will each receive 5 million plus trophies and certificates.

This year, a total of 128 cars of various regions in Indonesia following the selection is done through the New Honda Jazz fanpage on facebook, an increase over last year that as many as 98 cars. After going through the screening, as many as 24 cars perform as finalists. The finalists came from cities like Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Makassar, Yogyakarta and Pekalongan.

All of the participants was assessed by the jury consisting of 5 people experienced automotive journalists nationwide. Aspects of assessment participants consisted of eight variables are modified rims wheels and tires (including the system), modified body kit, interior modifications, exterior modifications, audio modifications, engine modifications and changes to the car body modification.

Categories include Best Interior, Best Body Kit, Best Audio Design, Best Engine, Best Paint, Best Sticker, and much more. At the Jazz Tuning Contest 8 there are also special categories, is The Best Rookie for the new modifier and 'ODI-C of The Year', which stands for 'Out-of-the-Box, Daring, Innovative-Creative' and is modified award for the most unique, creative, and bold out of habit.

Honda Jazz Tuning Contest 8 this year very strong with sporty elements, which this year there is a new category of 'The Best Sporty Look' to emphasize the unique character of the Honda Jazz as a sporty hatchback, and in accordance with the DNA of Honda products that always puts impression and sporty performance, but still efficient and environmentally friendly.

In addition, everyone can participate to choose the Honda Jazz and Jazz Tuning favorite favorite Queen through online voting conducted at the New Honda Jazz fanpage on facebook site.

Since it was first held in 2005, a total of 638 applicants from various cities in Indonesia have registered their creations cars to be selected as a finalist. Of these, a total of 213 cars have been chosen as a finalist and produced seven cars were entitled to hold the title "The King of Jazz Tuning Contest '.
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