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2013 Fitur New Honda Vario Techno 125

2013 Fitur New Honda Vario Techno 125

Just yesterday alluded to again about Honda Vario Techno featured idling stop system (ISS), now no info release. Sources of PT. Astra Honda Motor (AHM) spoke.

One of the key word is, this bike will be officially on sale in the third week of March 2013. "The design is the same, only different in color choices," he said without giving further details of this new bike detail.

Indeed, the design and specifications of the machine would not be much different from the Vario Techno 125 which are now widely circulating on the streets. But its feature additions ISS who will make this bike have more value.

With ISS, the machine can automatically shut off when the throttle but could flash back just by turning the gas shells. This feature allows you to save fuel as when stopped at a red light or traffic jam.

When stopped in traffic, a conventional machine stays on and wasting fuel. But through the features of the ISS, it will soon die and the fuel can be saved. Fun, the engine shut off and turn on baseball needs to press the button, just turn the gas alone.

Moderate position in the market, this new 125 Vario Techno will be highest in the family Vario series. Besides pinning feature ISS, Honda also provides safety features combine brake system (CBS).

If the current 125 Vario Techno CBS sold USD 15.9 million on the road in Jakarta, likely selling price of 125 Vario Techno CBS plus ISS will be in the amount of Rp 16 million. Hemmm .. How bro, interested?
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